What Happened to DoshDosh.com?

I would guess that most of you guys have been to DoshDosh.com in the past. Maybe not recently, but certainly a couple of years ago. The Internet marketing blog was authored by a friend of mine called Maki, and it was one of the most popular around. In fact if you check the lists with the best Internet marketing blogs you probably find it mentioned.

Around 18 months ago Maki got tired of publishing content on the blog, and decided to take a break. We exchanged some emails about it, and he told me he would focus on his niche websites and on finishing his Psychology degree. Despite that the blog kept received a large amount of traffic from search engines, and given the amount of useful content already published it remained a good resource for people wanting to learn about Internet marketing.

I am guessing that even without any updates the blog was receiving some 200,000 monthly visitors and probably making $2,000 monthly from AdSense and affiliate offers (though it could be more than that). Not a bad asset to have, if you ask me.

Then a couple of weeks ago I typed DoshDosh.com on my browser to see how the site was doing, and to my surprise I found a blank page (that is why I am not linking there, as Google wouldn’t like it). I figured it could be a normal downtime, so I checked again on the following day, and it was still giving a blank page. I checked the domain name, but it was not expired. I checked the web hosting, but it seems that the the website is up, only displaying no content. It looks like someone uploaded a blank HTML page and left it there.

I tried to email Maki, but got no answer, so at this point I don’t know what is going on. I don’t think he would just erase the website, as he could easily have sold it for $100,000 or so if he didn’t want to keep it anymore. I also hope nothing happened to him, but it could be the case.

Anyway I just figured posting about it could help solve the problem, in the case someone knows him or what is going on. Do you?

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16 Responses to “What Happened to DoshDosh.com?”

  1. Oh my God! You read my mind.

  2. Well, I’m so new to blogging that I’ve never even heard of DoshDosh.com. Mysterious though. The html of the site only says this:

  3. html
    !– default –

  4. I was wondering this same thing a little while ago. I remember reading his blog regularly a few years ago. He had some great content. You are right though, if he choose to sell he could do well. Hope the mystery gets solved with a happy ending.

  5. {Laughing at myself for getting that you can’t simply paste html code into a comment box}

    • Yeah I saw the source code of his page too. That is why I said it’s like someone just dropped a blank page there.

  6. I also went to DoshDosh.com a few weeks ago and was surprised to find a blank page.

  7. I remember going to his page for advice on selling direct advertising a few years ago, and that it wasn’t actively being updated. Mysterious!

  8. I’ve also been wondering where DoshDosh went – and Maki too! He used to post on friendfeed and it’s been a long time since I haven’t seen anything.

    That’s the thing with the internet: you could technically leave no trace.

  9. I have tried to email Maki a few times – noticed thios a while ago, and havent had a response.

  10. I too have been on DoshDosh a million times… The stuff was simply brilliant and his style was unique (the manga cartoons too)… God knows why he stopped blogging. Though there might be other reasons which were pressing I dont see why a guy like Maki should kill a blog of this caliber….. I guess its high time Maki pops up back and answers where the hell is he !!!

  11. Interesting post I used to read Dosh Dosh all the time, Maki even commented on my site a couple of times. Hope he is OK.

  12. Ohhh you just reminded me of DoshDosh! I had visited DoshDosh many times during 2009-10. His Twitter a/c is active till June 30, 2010.

  13. So basically you could start a website, write some good content, and then leave it alone, and you would still make some money. And he just closed up shop.

  14. He was on Twitter for awhile but I don’t know if he still tweets. I remember because at one point he had said he was going to return to blogging but never did. I hope nothing happened to him either. He was a cool person.

  15. That is strange. I had not noticed. The links on my site still pointed to his site…..but as you said it is blank.

    He has not Tweeted since June 2010.

    Hoping all is well.

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