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Keeping up with the Giants: Online presence

In this age of information, it has become a necessity for your company to exist online in order for people to avail of your services or to avail of employment opportunities. The need for physical advertisements is fast becoming obsolete and will soon be regarded as a thing of the past.

Like many successful businesses, maintaining online presence is vital to keep revenues flowing. Even online gaming pioneers in Finland like recognizes the need to have a strong online presence in order to attract more poker players not just in Finland but around the globe. The popularity of poker in Finland and neighboring European countries is undeniable and the market share can be huge for any company who has the strongest showing. While the partypoker franchise remains physically active by supporting premiere football teams and organizing sports events via its parent company Bwin, it has also increased its online share by catering to almost 20 languages globally and launching its new Android app for players on the go. The site also boasts of good design and functionality by adding ‘Hot to Play’ links and video tutorials by experts. Despite poker’s popularity, it’s never enough to just rely on a game’s popularity for your business. Keeping it fresh and innovative assures your survival and longevity.

If you’re business is just starting out, you might want to hire web designers who can customize your site and make it unique and memorable to anyone who visits. You should also think about how to increase traffic to your site by asking your web designers if they can create social media links for you or do some SEO writing to increase your visibility on search engines. Apart from creating a spanking new website, it’s also important to think about maintenance. A constant update of blogs is necessary to assure a constant flow of traffic. Accessibility is also one factor to consider. If your site only has Finnish as its language, many people will be dissuaded to visit your site. Having language options can increase your range many times over.

Gone are the days where you will see a myriad of ad boards in the streets of Helsinki. While these boards are still effective in major public transportation routes, it is imaginable that it will be replaced by shorter and smaller ads directing you to a website instead. Since smartphones and handheld devices are a commonplace in Finland, the birthplace of Nokia, a good online portfolio is a must for every company. Any company can follow the lead of online giants like partypoker and invest heavily on online presence. Since the internet is an open market with no discriminations towards small and big businesses alike, it levels the playing field and keeps the industry competitive at all times. See you online!

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