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Possible reference to 9-pin dock connector found in iOS 6 beta


The latest evidence that Apple is ready to abandon its iconic dock connector in favor of a smaller solution comes in the form of a reference to a 9-pin connector in the code for iOS 6 beta.

The code string was uncovered by 9to5Mac and directly conflicts with several other reports of the possible size of a smaller dock connector. Reports of the number of pins in the new dock connector have ranged from as few as 8 to as many as 19 (or simply retaining the 30 it currently sports).

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The iPad has revolutionized the NFL

Digital Playbooks is one example of a software company hoping to cash in on NFL teams, like the Denver Broncos, moving from printed playbooks to digital copies on iPads.


As players line up across imaginary lines, eyeballing their opponents, wrapped in armor, capped by helmets, and ready to smash into each other with ferocious abandon, it becomes difficult to imagine that this heathen-esque sport, a staple of American athletic fandom, has been completely revolutionized by touch screens.

Specifically, it is Apple’s iPad that has changed the way the NFL handles its mental component.

As Jeff Darlington explains on, the process by which information is obtained by players and coaches will never be the same.

Once it took three days to receive a large bag of Betacam SP video tapes to break down footage from the previous week’s game. Players like Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway would have surely loved the iPad’s capability to receive digital footage from a game, transferred on blazing fast Internet, just hours after his game.

Elway, now the Denver Broncos’ vice president in charge of football operations, ordered an iPad 3 for each of his 130 players and coaches this year. The NFL’s Baltimore Ravens and Tampa Bay Buc… [Read more]

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Euro carriers stocking nano-SIM cards ahead of iPhone 5 launch


According to a report by the Financial Times, mobile operators in Europe are stockpiling nano-SIM chips in anticipation of Apple including the new technology in the next iteration of the iPhone.

Though actions like this would suggest an impending launch, no official word has come from Apple as to when we can expect to actually see the iPhone 5 (or the new iPhone?)

The nano-SIM design was approved by the mobile phone industry’s standards group earlier this year and should allow Apple to save even more space in its tightly designed iPhone interior.

The Financial Times cites two sources who claim that telecom companies are stocking millions of the chips in warehouses, anticipating high demand when Apple’s next iPhone is released.

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Facebook iPhone app to get speed bump next month


To say that Facebook’s iPhone app is slow could be considered generous. In truth, it makes the tortoise look like the hare.

It seems almost inconceivable (and yes, I do think that word means what I think it means) that a Web-focused, modern company could produce such a slow rendition of its product on the most popular mobile product on the planet.

But, not to fear, Facebook has heard the crowing (and has seen the one-star reviews) and plans to update its iPhone app, according to The New York Times.

The New York Times managed to get two unnamed engineers to reveal that the Facebook iOS app has been completely retooled and will feature the only thing that really matters in social-networking apps — speed.

If you’re wondering why Facebook’s current app is so incredibly slow, you only need to look at its programming language. The current app is essentially an HTML5 Web site nestled into an iOS app shell. The slowness comes from the app constantly reloading your information.

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Apple patent application explores using social networks for automatic metadata


Apple has filed a patent application that describes a method for obtaining and adding metadata to files automatically using the Internet and various social networks.

The process, filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (discovered by AppleInsider), shows Apple’s continued interest in creating connections with social networks by inventing a way for users to automatically update their files using data obtained online.

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Apple’s method, titled “Automatic Discovery of Metadata,” seeks to solve an issue that many of us do not likely even know we have. Metadata on files already includes common entries such as date of creation, location-based data, user-defined tags and keywords, and other device-specific information.

Other metadata identified by Apple includes “color, … [Read more]

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Microsoft updates My Xbox Live for iOS, adds Xbox control

Screenshot by Joe Aimonetti/CNET)

Now at version 1.5, My Xbox Live enables iPhone users who have XBox 360s to control their console using their iPad or iPhone in a whole new way.

Previously the My Xbox Live app only allowed users to track and compare user profiles and achievements, connect with Xbox Live friends, and manipulate your 3D avatar.

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Polarize your iPhone photos with Trygger


I had the opportunity to check out the Trygger iPhone Camera Case for iPhone 4/4S firsthand a couple weeks ago in Portland, Ore. Its co-creator, Joel Kamerman, and I sat down to test the prototype and I was immediately blown away.

As a fashion photographer in my spare time, the benefit of having the Trygger case secured to my iPhone was easily apparent. With a solid and sturdy case structure that maintained a slim feel to my iPhone, the Trygger case adds great functionality without the bulk.

Of course, the real gem of the Trygger case is the polarizing filter it gives your iPhone. I have no less than 20 camera- or photo-related apps on my iPhone (and several I have deleted), all that provide some sort of enhancement to my mobile pictures.

No app, however, can give you what the Trygger case offers.

By adding polarization to your photograph before you take it, all those other apps instantly become better — yes, even Instagram. The Trygger case accomplishes its task with a delicacy that few other cases offer.

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Under the hood of Apple’s iPhone, iPad charger

This is what goes into Apple's $29 wall-charging unit.

Ken Shirriff)

No, it’s not the first thing people gravitate toward when tearing open their brand-new iPhone or iPad. Heck, it’s probably not even the second or third thing (the USB cable and the Apple sticker are more popular I’m sure).

But, hidden deep within that pretty box is a cube that makes the whole thing work. It’s an AC wall-charging unit, and it’s as technically impressive as any other component in that box.

Ken Shirriff, a technology buff and blogger, has a complete teardown of Apple’s tiny technical wonder on his blog, detailing (exhaustively, I might add) why exactly Apple can charge $29 for it.

The details are fascinating if you have a mind for tech speak and electronics, but the basic summation of what Shirriff found is that Apple has gone through an immense amount of effort to create a safe, effective, and, yes, beautiful wall charger for its products.

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Apple granted patent for iOS steering-wheel remote


Patently Apple

Discovered by Patently Apple in a group of 21 patents issued to Apple by the Patent and Trademark Office, the in-vehicle remote-control patent describes a product designed for drivers wishing to control their iOS devices more easily.

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Currently, drivers must fumble around with their iPhone, iPod, or iPad to change songs, get directions, or make calls if their car’s in-dash system doesn’t support iOS devices. This lack of integration can cause serious distractions for drivers.

Apple’s solution is a small device that would attach to any steering wheel, allowing users to connect to their iOS devices and control basic functions.

As pictured in the patent, the remote would resemble Apple’s iconic c… [Read more]

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Apple testing iOS-like notifications on

Screenshot by Joe Aimonetti/CNET)

A notification banner, first noticed by MacRumors, which bares a striking resemblance to iOS notifications introduced with iOS 5, appears to only be a placeholder. It is vaguely titled “Default Title for English” with a message of “English – This is a test message description.”

The message appears when you log in to your account directly from the Web site.

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Apple’s preview of Mac OS X Mountain Lion shows off a similar banner notification system, which may be related to the iCloud notifications. Certainly syncing notifications across all iOS devices and your Macs could help ease the burden of checking and acting on every notification on every device you own.

N… [Read more]

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