In your face! Bow tie flashes when people get too close

Don’t get too close: The Personal Space Defender guards your privacy bubble.

(Credit: Instructables/Grissini )

Bow ties and I don’t get along well. I graduated from clip-ons long ago, but my tying efforts still result in something resembling a neck-slung cabbage.

But what if bow ties had some funny function? Say, warding off boozy party people when they lean in too close to deliver a back slap?

Well, say hello from a respectful distance to the Personal Space Defender.

Instructables user Aleksei Sebastiani created this 3D-printed bow tie to preserve his personal space. As seen in the tongue-in-cheek video below, the Defender flashes warning LEDs when people stand too close for comfort.

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If someone comes within 19 inches of it, the Defender’s Maxbotix Ultrasonic Rangefinder will set the LEDs flashing for a few seconds. If the person lingers… [Read more]

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