What if your movements became 3D sculptures?

(Credit: Korb)

I’m not a fan of station identification (idents) that are over the top, but here’s a neat video that takes brand artistry to a new level.

Taiwan studio JL Design, with Lithuanian digital video company Korb, put together an eye-popping series of IDs for China’s CCTV Documentary Channel that show people creating seemingly 3D structures as they move.

These “motion sculptures,” as they’re described, “follow a visual performance of organic and vital substance, animated using data of actors’ movements,” according to Korb.

The idents are based on four themes and represent four types of digitally sculpted objects, each created by patterns of human motion.

“Motion sculpture of steel reflects old Chinese adage that true power is mastering yourself,” according to Korb. “Youthful energy of dancers evolve into beautiful organic sculpture. Colorful happiness is the engine of father’s and his daughter’s joy. Two lovers visualize fragility and vitality of love in the last ident.”

The actors look like they’re trailing huge strands of material that seem more real the closer the camera gets.

And to think that station IDs were once as quaint as … [Read more]

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