Feeling bookish with handheld TrewGrip keyboard

(Credit: TrewGrip)

Remember books? Neither do I. Apparently they were analog text on dry cellulose pulp. You held them in both hands and it was all very quaint.

Some of us still have residual muscle memory for holding books. What if you could hold another lingering technology of yesteryear — the keyboard — like a book?

The curved TrewGrip is a “rear-type” keyboard that can dock with an iPhone or other mobile device for text input on the go.

It has keys laid out in a vaguely QWERTY arrangement, but split and rotated. There’s a key layout on the front side that lights up when you push a key so your fingers don’t get too lost.

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On the front, it also has keys for the mouse, space, back, page down, and all arrow keys. [Read more]

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