Vampire robot vants to suck your blood

Grin and bear it: Veebot can stick you with needles or an IV line.

(Credit: Screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET)

The first of its kind, Veebot is a prototype robotic phlebotomist, designed to get all Dracula on your arm. It’s supposed to be as good as a human at finding a vein and drawing your blood.

Feel any better about getting your blood drawn? Yah, me neither.

I love it when robots do new things, but I have to admit I get more than a shadow of terror at the prospect of needle-wielding robots. Blame it on the “Star Wars” torture droid.

I know. That’s just an atavistic meatsack response. We should all welcome the evolution of venipuncture, from leeches to hypodermic needles to robots.

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