Wanna tweet to aliens? Cold War dish to target deep space

California's Jamesburg Earth Station was built to support the Apollo 11 moonshot and was hardened against nuclear attack.

(Credit: Jamesburg Earth Station)

The people of Gliese 526 are waiting for news of Earth.

They may or may not exist, and they may or may not want to invade our planet once they learn about us. But a project to crowdsource and send messages to them wants to try to make contact anyway.

Lone Signal is an effort to send a continuous stream of hellos to the folks at Gliese 526, a red dwarf star 17.6 light-years away in the constellation Bootes, aka Wolf 498.

A group of space enthusiasts including Jacob Haqq-Misra of the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science plans to use the Jamesburg Earth Station, a nuke-proof satellite relay station in California that dates from the 1960s, to beam crowdsourced messages to the system.

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