Staying at the Burj Al Arab? Enjoy a 24-karat gold iPad

(Credit: Burj Al Arab)

It’s the most golden hotel perk since gold-bar vending machines: gold iPads.

As if the Rolls Royce and helicopter services weren’t enough, guests at Dubai’s opulent Burj Al Arab now have access to gold-plated iPads.

The 24-karat tablets are engraved with the property’s logo on the back, which also features a black Apple logo. Ironically enough, the hotel chain’s slogan is “Stay different.”

The iPads, meant to act as “virtual concierges,” are loaded with Interactive Customer Experience (ICE) software that gives guests information on services such as dining options at the landmark property.

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The iPads were produced by Gold & Co. of London, which made a 24-karat rose-gold iPad for the hotel last October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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