Zap your pet’s blues away with Petcube laser pointer

Rocky poses with a prototype for Petcube, which keeps him entertained when he's alone.

(Credit: Petcube)

If you feel bad about leaving Fluffy home alone, consider giving her the laser treatment.

Petcube is stylish box that lets you play with your pet when you’re away. It beams leasers around the room while you control it from afar via smartphone.

Connected to your home Wi-Fi network, Petcube is a 4-inch cube that has a wide-angle camera, microphone, and low-intensity laser pointer.

The prototype is made of glass and aluminum and is being developed by robot enthusiast Alex Neskin, along with Yaroslav Azhnyuk, and Andrey Klen. The Ukranian startup recently showed it off at Seedcamp Week Berlin.

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Credit for Petcube goes in part to Neskin’s chihuahua, which goes nuts for lasers.

“I came up with the idea for Petcube when I had a real problem with my dog Rocky,” Neskin tells CNET. “It couldn’t get used to our new place and spent hours barking at the d… [Read more]

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