Ichikoh rear-view monitor records all it sees

(Credit: Ichikoh Industries)

If you need to prove you’re a good driver — or if you expect to meet a UFO on a lonely highway — this rear-view monitor can record everything.

The Safety Vision STR-100 from Japan’s Ichikoh Industries is an LCD screen that replaces the rear-view mirror in cars and commercial vehicles.

We’ve seen many similar products, but up to three cameras can be linked to the unit, which has its own forward-facing camera. The STR-100 records up to 60 hours of footage on a 16GB or 32GB SD card.

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It also records variables such as the time, acceleration, speed, map location, as well as brake and blinker activation.

A special software package is needed to view the footage recorded by the system, which is being marketed to companies that have fleets of vehicles, such as car rental firms.

It is designed to prevent dangerous driving and to document accidents, according to Ichikoh.

The STR-100 recently hit the market in Japan, pr… [Read more]

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