Inventor gets off the ground with homemade jetpack

(Credit: Skyflash)

It might look like a recipe for disaster, or at least a trip to the hospital, but a German inventor is trying to take to the skies with a jetpack that’s designed to race along a runway before flying.

Inspired by daredevil Felix Baumgartner, Fritz Unger wants to soar like a bird by strapping wings and two jet engines to his back.

That hasn’t happened yet, but his Skyflash jetpack has lifted him off the ground for an instant as he rolled along at 34 mph.

Face down, Unger lies on four wheels strapped to his body while the jetpack propels him horizontally, as seen in the Daily Planet vid below, as well as this one. He has also used it to travel over snow on a sled.

The wings are made of wood and weigh about 9 pounds each, with the entire kit weighing about 55 pounds. The outer wing parts can bend and create lift.

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