Say ‘I love you’ with your 3D-printed chocolate face

(Credit: FabCafe)

If your love is sweet, then 3D-print yourself for Valentine’s Day and give the gift that says so.

At a recent workshop in Tokyo, attendees made bite-size versions of their heads in chocolate.

Hosted by 3D-printing firm KS Design Lab and FabCafe, the event, which was limited to women, produced about 20 little chocolate faces that looked just like their human originals.

Participants first underwent a full-body 3D scan using a scanner that’s the size of a small room.

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The data were used to create 3D images of their faces on a computer, which were edited and then fed into a 3D printer.

The printer laid down hollow silicone molds of the faces, which were then filled with chocolatey liquid goodness.

Once dry and out of the mold, the choco-heads looked remarkably lifelike. Decorated with candy bows and hearts, they were good enough to gobble.

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