Can’t stop eating? Pump will suck your stomach contents

(Credit: Video screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET)

Meet the “apparatus for treating obesity by extracting food.” That’s what Dean Kamen’s stomach pump is called in a recently granted U.S. patent, and it looks a lot less fun than Kamen’s most famous invention, the Segway.

The good part is you can eat anything you like. The bad part is you have to get a tube put into your stomach and then suck the food out with a gadget called the AspireAssist.

Kamen and a team of physicians developed the pump as an obesity treatment that’s reversible and, as they describe it, “minimally invasive.”

During a 20-minute procedure, users are fitted with a removable stomach valve and a tube that leads from the top of the stomach to the valve’s outside port.

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