Step right up for Dr. X’s amazing cure from outer space!

I want to believe: Extraterrestrial Technology’s QuantumMan app and an unidentified developer.

(Credit: Tim Hornyak/CNET)

LAS VEGAS–No one has ever met Dr. X.

And even though he claims to have created breakthrough medical technology and powerful cures with the help of alien beings, Dr. X won’t show at CES.

But his QuantumMan app is here. It supposedly diagnoses and heals your ailments with the simple touch of a smartphone, a few ounces of faith, and some good old cash.

At a small booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s mile-long South Hall, somewhere between Wacom Technology and VistaQuest, Extraterrestrial Technology is pushing QuantumMan medical treatments at CES 2013.

It says they’re based on “epiphanies” that Dr. X received from a superior alien intelligence.

“I became instructed on how to teleport data with my mind to other minds to effect medical benefits in that person or animal,” Dr. X says in a release. “This knowledge allowed me to remotely cure my 72-year-old mother of Stage IV oat-cell carcinoma of her cervix.”

No wonder Dr. X wants to stay incognito. He’d upstage all the Digital Health exhibitors at the show.

The other day I was able to cure a cat with our QuantumVet ap… [Read more]

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