Bolting your food? Put on the brakes with HapiFork

Inventor Jacques Lepine with the HapiFork, which buzzes when you bolt food.

(Credit: Tim Hornyak/CNET)

LAS VEGAS–Does your mom’s lasagna taste better if you savor each bite as if it were your last?

It might or might not, but if you slow down when eating, chances are you’ll eat less. That’s the idea behind HapiFork, shown off at 2013 CES Unveiled.

The fork vibrates if you take a bite less than 10 seconds after the last mouthful. That will teach you to slow down, enjoy each morsel, and allow your brain to rein in your appetite.

After all, it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to start sending out signals that you’re full.

“Your hormones are offset when you eat too quickly,” says inventor Jacques Lepine of France-based Hapilabs. “It’s bad for satiation and bad for the transformation of nutrients.”

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