Indulge your OCD with the Influsaber germ slayer

(Credit: J-Force)

Quick! Which keys on your keyboard are the filthiest? The most infested with nasty germs?

Come on down, E, S, T, return, and space bar! You’re the most likely to harbor abhorrent bugs like E. coli. We need you to communicate but hate your freeloaders. What to do?

Enter the Influsaber, an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

This wand from Japan’s J-Force slays bugs with ultraviolet rays, namely UV-C light, which can penetrate the outer walls of viruses and bacteria, altering their genetic structure and killing them.

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You basically place the Influsaber over your tablet, keyboard, phone, bed, furniture, or whatever else you want to sanitize and set the timer.

J-Force says it kills most microorganisms within 90 seconds, but you might want to use it for 5 to 30 minutes to really get your neat freak on. Bonus: it also kills mold.

The wand, a… [Read more]

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