Toot with abandon in odor-eating underwear

(Credit: Seiren )

OK, I admit to having some high-tech Japanese underwear. I picked up some fairly routine HeatTech long johns from Uniqlo. They keep me extra warm in winter, but can’t compare with these deodorizing briefs from Seiren.

Deoest underwear is coated with ceramic powder to absorb all kinds of less-than-pleasant body odors, from sticky perspirations to gaseous emanations. Metal ions in the powder break down malodorous compounds.

The promo vid below also tells us the powder works on kareishu, which can be translated as “old age smell.” It refers to 2-nonenal, a smelly organic compound that researchers have linked to aging.

But even if you aren’t starring in “Scent of a Geezer,” you may want to protect your fellow man from the stink bombs you can’t help but unleash on the subway or plane.

The briefs are coated with ceramic powder that destroys odors. Up to 80 percent are eliminated within 30 seconds, according to Seiren (whether they can stand up to North American gas remains to be seen). They apparently remain effective even after being washed 100 times.

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