Super-Earth practically next door could be habitable

Forty-two light years away, the new super-Earth could have fantastic beachfront properties.

(Credit: Video screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET)

It’s only 42 light years away, it could have liquid water, and it’s more than seven times bigger than our planet (in mass). So once we destroy this one, we’re all set.

This latest super-Earth is called HD 40307g. It may sound like a tax form, but it’s almost guaranteed to be paradise. It’s right in a sweet spot orbit around HD 40307, a smaller star than the sun in the constellation of Pictor, where liquid water is possible. And the IRS can’t reach you.

Three exoplanets were already known to orbit the star from observations up to 2008 but they are likely too close for liquid water. A new study of the data by researchers at the University of Hertfordshire in Britain revealed an additional three planets, with the farthest about as far from the star as Venus is to our sun.

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