Declassified: Air Force plans for a flying saucer

Black ops: Project 1794, as the saucer was known, was a vertical takeoff and landing craft designed by Canada’s Avro.

(Credit: National Archives )

Even if you’re not a conspiracy theorist, and you don’t believe that aliens have visited us or the U.S. government has developed alien-grade technology, recently declassified images from the National Archives are like a giant WTF.

They reveal Air Force plans to build a flying saucer. Also, it was going to outsource the work. And not to aliens, to Canadians.

A 1956 document entitled “Project 1794, Final Development Summary Report” from the Records of United States Air Force Commands, Activities, and Organizations includes several remarkable schematics.

The flying saucer was apparently meant to be contracted to now-defunct Avro Aircraft of Ontario, which is still famous in Canada for its Arrow, a supersonic fighter aircraft whose production was abruptly halted in 1959.

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