Firefighting robot can douse your flames for $96K

(Credit: Howe and Howe )

In 2011, more than 80 firefighters in the U.S. died while on duty, and more than 60 have lost their lives so far this year. Engineering companies have been trying to reduce the harm they face and Maine-based Howe and Howe Technologies is offering this robot firefighter as a solution.

The firm is known for building high-speed tracked vehicles that can tear through rugged terrain. Thermite, billed as the world’s first production firebot, also rolls on treads so it can get over obstacles lying between it and a dangerous fire.

Thermite stands about 4.5 feet tall, weighs 1,640 pounds, and can pump out up to 600 gallons per minute. It’s attached to a long hose and douses blazes with a nozzle that swivels vertically and horizontally.

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