Japan building robot that would pass college exams

Egghead: The Todai Robot project logo.

National Institute of Informatics)

It isn’t enough that machines can beat the best of us at chess, Jeopardy, and a billion other things. Now they want to rub our faces in our inferiority by getting into our universities and scoffing at us.

Boffins at Fujitsu Labs are teaming up with Japan’s National Institute of Informatics (NII) to create an artificial-intelligence system that would be able to pass the entrance exam for the University of Tokyo, one of the most prestigious schools in the country.

The project aims to build an AI that can do well on Japan’s nationwide university entrance exams by 2016, and then pass the more difficult exam for Todai, as the top college is known, by 2021.

Human students have to do well on both tests to get into the university, which is known for its brutal admission requirements. It placed eighth in the latest QS Asian University rankings.

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