iRobot updates Looj gutter bot, entry-level Roomba

The Looj 330 has an increased communication range, and saves you from dangerous overreaching on a ladder.


Autumn is a-comin’ down the track, and with it the whiff of rotting leaves and election promises. Robots can clear away the former now, the latter after the revolution.

iRobot is updating its Looj gutter cleaner, a leaf-churner extraordinaire that reduces the time it takes to unclog your gutters.

If you’re not familiar with Looj, it’s a portable, waterproof, rotating scrubber on treads. You set it in your eavestrough and it trundles along, spitting out leaves, needles, and other gunk with its spinning rubber flaps. Messy but effective.

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The new Looj 330 has a four-stage cleaning augur, up from three. The machine has a horizontal scraper to help clear debris from gutter floors.

Selling for $299 at, the 330 also has a 7.2V lithium-ion battery, a first fo… [Read more]

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