Another pass at the FlyGrip: Yes, it’s better

With the FlyGrip attached you can do this. Here it is without the included case.

Josh Miller/CNET)

Two weeks ago I told you about the FlyGrip, a unique smartphone accessory that’s designed to let you navigate your handset with one hand.

Shaped like a plastic H, it attaches to the back of your phone and gives you a place to rest your index and middle fingers. You then can text like mad on a crowded train and not have to worry about someone bumping your device out of your grasp.

Indeed, I saw how it could be useful for some people, but I wasn’t into it. I didn’t like how the FlyGrip caught on my clothing when I removed it from my pocket and I loathed the idea of sticking something to the back of my pretty phone with adhesive.

FlyGrip contacted me immediately to rebut some of my concerns. The rep suggested that I had a defective product and she asked if she could send another sample. I wanted to be fair and, as it turns out, she was right on at least one count. The original product I had wasn’t performing as designed, which I’m happy to admit. I still don’t see myself using the product long-term, and I’d still make some design tweaks, but it’s better than I originally though… [Read more]

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