The iPad has revolutionized the NFL

Digital Playbooks is one example of a software company hoping to cash in on NFL teams, like the Denver Broncos, moving from printed playbooks to digital copies on iPads.


As players line up across imaginary lines, eyeballing their opponents, wrapped in armor, capped by helmets, and ready to smash into each other with ferocious abandon, it becomes difficult to imagine that this heathen-esque sport, a staple of American athletic fandom, has been completely revolutionized by touch screens.

Specifically, it is Apple’s iPad that has changed the way the NFL handles its mental component.

As Jeff Darlington explains on, the process by which information is obtained by players and coaches will never be the same.

Once it took three days to receive a large bag of Betacam SP video tapes to break down footage from the previous week’s game. Players like Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway would have surely loved the iPad’s capability to receive digital footage from a game, transferred on blazing fast Internet, just hours after his game.

Elway, now the Denver Broncos’ vice president in charge of football operations, ordered an iPad 3 for each of his 130 players and coaches this year. The NFL’s Baltimore Ravens and Tampa Bay Buc… [Read more]

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