Camatte EV concept car is perfect for kids

The Sora ("sky") is one version of this kids' EV.


Do children still enthuse about cars? Toyota is hoping they’ll become future buyers with the Camatte, an EV concept showing this week in Tokyo.

Named for the Japanese verb kamau (to care), the Camatte is designed to prompt tykes to care about car ownership. The seats and pedals can be adjusted so that kids can drive while an adult in the back seat helps with steering.

It won’t be road-worthy, however, and is designed for use on go-kart tracks and other private facilities, with a top speed of 25 mph. Can that really rev kids up?

The Daichi ("land") is another version of the Camette. (Click to enlarge.)


It’s 8.8 feet long and 4.2 feet wide. It seats three and has “easily removable and installable body panels” for customization, according to the automaker.

That’s meant to help kids learn about cars.

“A simple body structure has been adopted to spur interest in cars within families by providing an opportunity for parents and children to directly handle vehicle components while developing an understanding of the s… [Read more]

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