Safe House: Zombie-proof and stylish to boot

Doomsday charm: The Safe House has a drawbridge and retracting walls to keep intruders out.

KWK Promes)

It was just over a year ago that the CDC told the public how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, tongue firmly in cheek.

Today, it ain’t so funny. Following the stunning case in Miami, Fla., of a drug-addled man eating another man’s face, there have been reports of horrifying cannibalistic crimes in Texas and Maryland.

Naturally, there’s a Google map of these and other incidents foretelling zombie doomsday.

Ridiculous? Yes. But even the CDC weighed in on it, with spokesman David Daigle reassuring everyone that there’s really no such thing as zombies.

Oh but there are more things in heaven and earth, CDC, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

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