Sexy, six-legged robot Hexy wants to get friendly


You’d be surprised at the number of people who crave spider-like robots.

Boston-based ArcBotics is gathering funds for its Hexy kit robot, billed as a low-cost, completely open-source critter that is easy to program.

It has six legs instead of eight, but Hexy can walk, dance, bang some keyboard keys, and do whatever else you can imagine.

It comes with a few installed moves, too. It’s so cool, it even plays electric guitar.

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Apart from being a fun hobby, Hexy can be used to learn advanced robotics techniques, according to the developer.

Made of laser-cut acrylic and powered by AA batteries, Hexy runs on 19 servos, including one for the ultrasonic distance sensor in its head. It runs on a Servotor32 robot controller, which is based on an Arduino board.

ArcBotics is offering the complete kit for $200 as part of its Kickstarter campaign, but for $220, you’ll get Bluetooth control and do without the wires. That’s a lo… [Read more]

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