Tweet ‘buy’ to purchase flights by Twitter


If you’re a frequent flyer, there’s nothing that sucks the fun out of travel like combing the Web for deals (apart from airports and economy class, that is). But what if buying a ticket were as simple as tweeting?

TweetAFlight promises to get you deals in ads you see on Twitter if you just tweet “buy” in response.

Steven Frischling of The Travel Strategist hopes to launch TweetAFlight in the next few months. It’s aimed at giving you the best chance of taking advantage of Twitter deals on airfares — before you can become distracted while you follow the ad link to a Web page.

TweetAFlight uses PayPal and Chirpify to grab cheap tickets, and users will need accounts with both services. Airlines will have to sign up with TweetAFlight too.

Startup Chirpify said this week that it has raised $1.3 million to develop a platform for buying, selling, and making donations on Twitter. It promises to “monetize your followers.”

TweetAFlight says it will be an instant, one-step way to get cheap deals and last-minute bargains, many of which are missed because travelers don’t buy them quickly enough.

It’s hard to believe people used to have to physically travel to mee… [Read more]

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