Friday Poll: Are smart watches finally ready for prime time?

Sarah Tew/CNET)

Smart watches are not a new concept.

In June 2003, Microsoft announced its grand plan to bring the Internet to wristwatches using its Smart Personal Objects Technology. The company partnered with various watchmakers, including Citizen, Fossil, and Suunto, to create timepieces that allowed you to check messages and calendar appointments, as well as weather, news, stock prices, and sports scores, all from your wrist.

While novel and interesting, the watches never took off, and in April 2008, Microsoft decided to pull the plug on the smart-watch business. But were those watches really a bad idea or simply a case of an idea being ahead of its time?

It may be the latter, as smart watches seem to be making a comeback. Just this week, Sony’s SmartWatch went on sale for $150. The timepiece allows you to connect to any Android-powered phone via Bluetooth; displays your text messages, e-mails, and social updates; and lets you manage phone calls and music.

Also making news this week is t… [Read more]

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