Custom UIs on smartphones: Would you? Should you?


In middle school, my best friend and I used live by the motto “dare to be different.” We were all about expressing our individuality by wearing mismatched clothes and staging silly stunts just to stand out from the crowd, but in the case of tech, can being too different be a liability?

PocketNow recently got its hands on some mockups of a reimagined Windows Phone user interface. The concepts came from an unidentified Nokia R&D senior graphic designer, who now works at Accenture, and are somewhat reminiscent of the experience imagined for some of the company’s concept phones, such as the Nokia Gem. That all-touch-screen device changes every time you use a different function.

The former Nokia designer’s concept, while unique with its floating icons and artsy background (see the above image), looks confusing and unintuitive, but I’m not here to criticize the design. (It should be noted that the designer did this as a personal project, and though it’s certainly not my cup of tea, I applaud her for trying something different. After all, ideas aren’t born out of passivity.) Instead, two things stuck out for me.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to root our d… [Read more]

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