Tech-savvy dads: We’re geeks and proud of it

"Tech Tool School" is always in session at home, say nearly 80 percent of survey respondents. (Click to enlarge.)


Who hasn’t called their dad a geek or nerd at some point, right? The thing is, while those monikers might have been an insult or cause for embarrassment back in the day, today, they’re a badge of honor for many tech-savvy dads out there.

According to a survey sponsored by Cisco Home Networking Business (who knew Cisco was in the business of geek dads?), these self-proclaimed nerds are eager to pass on their high-tech knowledge to their sons and daughters. And get this: instead of retreating to their rooms and slamming their doors in that special way only angst-ridden teens can, the kids are into it, giving both parties an opportunity to spend more time together.

The survey, called “Confessions of a Geek Dad” and conducted by Answers Research, asked 590 “tech-savvy” men between the ages of 25 to 54, with children ages 17 and under, about their technology habits as it relates to their interaction with kids and other family members.

Seventy two percent of respondents said they’re more excited to teach their kids… [Read more]

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