Golf slightly less frustrating with robot caddy

Caddytrek wants to follow you around.


I’m usually too concerned with actually hitting the ball, let alone well, to worry about the strain of lugging clubs around the links. But I can see how FTR SystemsCaddytrek could make the ultimate non-human accessory to one’s game.

A step up from remote-controlled golf trolleys, which make you pay attention to them, Caddytrek automatically rolls after you while carrying your woods and irons.

As seen in the PR vid below, it receives signals from the control unit in your pocket and will stop when you do. You can use the remote control to send the gizmo to the next tee–or the nearest bar for a can of suds.

Sensors in the navigation unit help Caddytrek avoid obstacles; it can also tackle slopes of up to 25 degrees. The lithium ion battery is good for 27 holes or 10 miles on a full, two-hour charge.

The unit weighs 39 pounds with the battery and can collapse into a compact configuration to fit in your trunk.

It’s not cheap at $1,595, but FTR has apparently sold about 40 units online so far.

I’m sure Caddytrek has lots of hacking potential. (Could it become a telepresence robot?) Best of all, if your game really sucks you can always blame the robot.

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