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Despite the overwhelming appeal of being able to tether your iPhone to your laptop via the Personal Hotspot feature included in iOS, the cost of doing so keeps many iPhone owners from getting the most out of their device. Tether, however, has a solution.

Back in November, Tether was able to briefly get an app approved on Apple’s App Store. The $14.99 app allowed users to bypass the Personal Hotspot method of setting up a tether for their laptops and instead use a USB cable and Tether’s software. The app, iTether, was quickly pulled.

Now, Tether is back, this time with a Web-based solution that bypasses all of Apple’s (and the wireless carriers’) restrictions for tethering your iPhone.

Tether’s solution works on your iPhone running the full iOS, which means you won’t have to mess with jailbreaking (though it will still work on a jailbroken device), and operates by using a specially designed HTML5 Web site to connect your iPhone to your computer. Essentially you’ll be creating an Ad-Hoc network on your Mac or PC using an application that runs on your computer, connec… [Read more]

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