Brainwave-controlled skateboard is totally mental

Whurley from Chaotic Moon Labs takes a ride on the Board of Imagination.

Chaotic Moon Labs)

Remember the Board of Awesomeness, the Kinect-controlled motorized skateboard from CES? Well, it just got more awesome.

The creator of this high-tech board, Chaotic Moon Labs, has come up with a new version called the Board of Imagination that works by reading your brain waves. That’s right, a mind-controlled skateboard. You simply imagine where you’d like to go and how fast you want to get there, and the Board of Imagination will take care of the rest.

It’s powered by the same 800-watt electric motor and Windows 8-enabled Samsung tablet as the Board of Awesomeness, but it adds an emotive headset to read your thoughts to set the board in motion.

To wrap our heads around how it all works, Crave talked with Whurley (like Prince and Cher, it’s just Whurley), general manager of Chaotic Moon Labs, to learn more about the technology behind the Board of Imagination. We also plan to go for a ride on the board soon (I’m going out to buy my crash helmet now), so definitely stay tuned for more.

Q: Can you explain how the emotive headset reads and translates your brainwaves? What’s the technology behind it?
Whurley: Simply put, the hea… [Read more]

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