Pew, pew! Xappr brings laser tag to smartphones


Despite lots of pleading and begging, I never got a laser tag set when I was growing up (Mom didn’t think it was very ladylike). But now, it looks like I’m finally going to get my chance.

The Xappr Gun is a new gaming accessory that connects to a smartphone and allows you to play various augmented-reality and shooter games. The gun-shaped peripheral works with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices and features a mount in the viewfinder area where you can attach your smartphone, while an auxiliary cable connected to your handset’s headphone jack registers your trigger pulls.

Though it’s not due out until June, Xappr is already compatible with a number of existing games. These include AR Invaders, in which you help protect the planet by shooting down alien invaders, and Spray’Em, a mosquito-zapping game.

However, for laser tag fans, a new game called ATK, which is due out in the spring and currently being beta-tested in Israel, allows for player-to-player combat where you can engage in a little shootout with your Xappr-equipped frenemies.

The Xappr Gun will cost $44.99, and you can preorder yours now from the company’s Web site. The accessory will also be shown off this week at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany. [Read more]

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