Check suspicious objects with Scorp recon robot

Novatiq's Scorp recon robot will get some cool accessories including wire cutters.


As machines that let first responders look at dangerous objects become increasingly common, Novatiq has started producing a throwable recon robot with the relatively low price tag of roughly $11,300.

The military-grade Scorp was announced last year with slightly different specs. At 13 inches long and 7.7 pounds, it’s compact and light enough for backpack portability.

It’s also tough enough to be thrown into buildings and dangerous areas, just like the lighter 110 FirstLook from iRobot.

The spybot can supply a 360-degree real-time video feed.


Both machines are remote-operated, roll on treads, and have flippers that enable them to climb stairs, train tracks, and other obstacles. Both can move around for up to six hours on a battery charge.

The Scorp can roll at up to 5 mph and receive commands from its wearable controller up to a distance of 1,650 feet. If it loses touch with the signal, it will automatically backtrack until it’s reestablished.

The spybot has a tilt camera on each side, can relay real-time 360-degree video, and can be fitted with various sensors and a robotic arm. It can also carry payload… [Read more]

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