Apple patent application details redesigned, thinner batteries

Apple has long been at the forefront of battery technology, especially for mobile consumer electronics. One of Apple’s most recent patent applications details a new line of thinking for battery design that could lead to thinner, more efficient power on the go.

Patently Apple)

Apple believes that the current standard for battery design is approaching its maximum limitations. But, not to worry, the geniuses in Cupertino seem to have a plan. Using electrode sheets of differing shapes and sizes, Apple would be able to build thinner batteries that fit any number of shapes, instead of having to be constrained by the typical rectangular shape of today’s mobile device batteries.

In a practical case, imagine if the iPad 2 was able to build out the battery capacity in the total space of the device, instead of having to constrain the power source to a particular rectangle. That would allow for greater packaging efficiency and could give the device more battery life while not having to sacrifice design.

All-in-all, it sounds like Jony Ive’s greatest dream.

Currently, batteries take up the majority of any mobile device’s size. As our iPhones and iPads demand more power for services like 4G LTE, longer worker days, and more intense gaming, any technology t… [Read more]

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