Apple and Facebook have not teamed up to give away free iPads

The promise is seductive. Two of the biggest technology companies on the planet are combining forces to give their adoring fans free iPads and iPhones? Yes! And all you have to do is give up all your personal information for that chance.

That’s what spam scammers are hoping you will do once you see the quasi-personal letter from everyone’s favorite friend networker, Mark Zuckerberg. The e-mail will come off as somewhat legit, singling you out as a randomly selected winner of a one-time only promotional event sponsored by Facebook and Apple.

So, you’ve already won a free iPad or iPhone, but there’s a catch. Mark Zuckerberg just needs your e-mail address, phone number, and other account information to confirm. And of course, the site that Zuckerberg chooses to use to acquire that information is not Facebook, but a random promotional company.

Now, if the user is to click the link to claim their prize, they will be taken to a Web site that explains how they may be a potential winner, despite the fact that Zuckerberg’s e-mail claimed they had already won. But don’t worry, if you can answer a simple question, you’ll be in the running to get that iPhone or iPad.


But wait. There’s something else. Something at the bottom of the screen. It’s in really, really small print. What’s that say? Oh, by participating you are authorizing a small charge to be added to your phone bill on a weekly basis. And that iPho… [Read more]

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