Tosy robots dance, draw better than you

Bonnie Cha/CNET)

LAS VEGAS–OK, maybe they dance and draw better than I do, but the SketRobo and DiscoRobo are some seriously skilled robots.

Showcased at the Digital Experience press event on Monday, the pair of bots are from Vietnamese robotics company Tosy. The SketRobo was the more impressive of the two. Just give the humanoid a piece of paper and a pen, and it will start drawing intricate images right before your eyes.

Tosy representatives told me that the SketRobo is currently limited to sketching objects that are already programmed into its systems. However, the plan is to equip the robot with a facial recognition system and motion sensors, so it will be able to draw portraits of people (but can it do caricatures?). The company also envisions using the SketRobo as a teaching tool for children.

Meanwhile, the DiscoRobo is a droid that loves to dance. It moves to the beat of the music, and though we’ve seen dancing robots before, the DiscoRobo’s got more moves and attitude than anything we’ve seen before.

All that said, it looks like the best is yet to come. Tosy will be unveiling a new “entertainment robot” at CES 2012, and guess who will be on hand to introduce it? None other than Justin Bieber. That’s right, Bieber fever is hitting the Las Vegas Convention Center, so check back on <... [Read more]

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