Apple patent application details password-protecting power adapters

In a recent patent application uncovered by The Apple Blog, Apple has detailed a system for allowing your power adapter to become a security key for your password recovery process.

Screenshot by The Apple Blog)

In basic terms, should you forget your password, an onscreen recovery application would prompt you to plug in your specific power adapter to confirm your identity. That adapter would store the necessary passwords and give you access to them when needed.

Current security measures, such as sending a verification e-mail or answering security questions are easily attacked by hackers who have managed to create any number of very sophisticated applications and processes to obtain sensitive information.

Because your password would be stored on your specific power adapter, you can create more-complex passwords that are not easily deciphered or guessed by ill-doing cyber punks. And, if you happen to be the victim of theft, it’s not often that criminals take the time to collect power cords, especially for mobile devices like your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

The patent application (PDF) also makes provisions for storing your information on other devices such as printers, routers, or secondary power adapters, should you lose your orig… [Read more]

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