Gannett outfits newsroom with iPhones, iPads

USA Today’s parent company Gannett has reportedly begun outfitting its news staff with thousands of iPhones and iPads in an attempt to create a mobile newsroom focused on real-time storytelling, social media integration, and a more video-centric approach to the news.


The report stems from a memo allegedly sent by U.S. Newspapers Division President Bob Dickey to employees on Wednesday, uncovered by the independently run Gannett Blog, which is tracking the company as well as the digital news transition.

In it we find a rare concession from the traditional news media that technology is changing the way people consume the news. “Readers’ speedy adoption of new technology for news consumption creates new opportunities for us to uniquely serve them. To do so, we must ensure our journalists are equipped and trained on the tools to work in new ways.”

And that means plenty of new iPhones and iPads.

Dickey specifically cites the iPhone’s capability to capture audio and video (along with microphones and other accessories for enhancing that process) and the iPad 2’s lightweight portability. Also noted in the memo were MiFi units or tethering via iPhone for mobile Wi-Fi access.

Units are to arrive to publishers and editors sometime in January with company-wide training to tak… [Read more]

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