iMessages aren’t secure when you lose your iOS device

When iOS 5 was released alongside the iPhone 4S earlier this fall, iMessage was introduced as a new, all-encompassing messaging service that would connect all iOS device users for free using their unique Apple IDs. iMessage, however, may have a critical downfall when it comes to securely erasing access if you lose your device.


Since Apple released the Find My iPhone app, users cruising out and about have had a backup plan to keep their minds at ease should they accidentally leave their iPhone at a bar or come across the misfortune of being robbed.

Find My iPhone allows you to remote-wipe your iPhone, leaving no trace of your information, should you not be able to recover it. That should be enough to keep users safe, but readers of Ars Technica have reported that despite deactivating their phone with their carrier, remote wiping their iPhone 4S, and changing their Apple ID password after the device was stolen from their home, iMessages from a new user were still being sent and received as the original owner.

According to iOS security expert Jonathan Zdziarski, “iMessage registers with the subscriber’s phone number from the SIM, so let’s say you restore the phone, it will still read the phone number from the SIM. I suppose if you change the SIM out after the phone… [Read more]

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