Evernote Hello remembers faces for you


Hey, nice to meetcha! What did you say your name is again? Golly, I’m so bad with names. Actually, can you take a photo of yourself with my phone so I don’t have to be bothered to remember you? Thanks!

If that sounds obnoxious or just plain stupid to you, you’ve been warned. It may become a common greeting if the latest app from Evernote, the company intent on “becoming everyone’s second brain,” takes off.

If associating names with faces is too taxing for you, Evernote Hello is a free iPhone tool that will relieve your neurons.

When you meet someone, you ask him or her to take a face photo on your phone with the front-facing camera, and enter name and e-mail information in Evernote Hello. Your new contact will receive an e-mail with your info.

The app can track the location of meetings with its Encounter function, and will display a chronological parade of the faces you’ve seen that you can swipe like a Rolodex version of Facebook.

“Remembering people is hard,” Evernote reminds us, and granted, that’s true. Unless you’re Johnny Mnemonic, you’re bound to … [Read more]

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