Bridgestone shows off small airless tires

Bridgestone’s 9-inch Airfree tires have been tried on electric carts.


If you’ve had one too many flats, take a look at these small airless tires that Bridgestone is showing off at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

The Airfree concept tires have resin spokes that radiate from the rim to the tread, curving to the left and right to better support vehicle loads.

They’re only 9 inches across, but have been successfully tested on single-seater electric carts in Japan that are often used by elderly people.

While the tire won’t suffer punctures, it’s also completely recyclable. The spokes are made of thermoplastic resin, which can be reused along with the tread rubber.

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Airless tires are nothing new, and can be seen on military vehicles and heavy machinery that do not use treads.

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