Apple to explore digital handshakes

Patently Apple)

Apple is looking to get into the business of unique device identification, Patently Apple reports, filing a patent that details plans for a “digital handshake” using next-generation cameras capable of reading specially coated, invisible ink.

The technology would be used for enterprise, social networking, and gaming applications.

While technology already exists that can transfer information between two devices quickly and securely (such as Bump and PayPal), Apple plans on revolutionizing the process and the media used to create a more robust, yet simpler transfer method.

In the case of a mobile-device data transfer, according to Patently Apple, “one or more cameras of the first device could capture images of the device environment. The first device could process the captured images to detect a second device in the field of view, and to identify one or more cameras of the second device.”

Basically, if my camera sees your device, it can sign off on it and send you a particular set of data. All you have to do is display a particular key on your phone’s display to confirm.

Patently Apple)

Further extending this concept, Apple says that hiding the key in the … [Read more]

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