Projector phone concept: Reach out and collaborate with someone

Pico projectors and even smartphones with integrated projectors already exist, but researchers at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany are looking to take the technology one step further with a phone that allows you to interact with callers in a whole new way.

Designers at the university’s Mobile Human Computer Action group have come up with a concept that marries a pico projector with a smartphone to beam a user’s home screen, as well as that of their caller, onto a wall or desk for easy collaboration.

The idea is that once a call has been initiated and the other party accepts your share request, you can then work on projects together or exchange content using an interactive side-by-side display of both smartphone screens. For example, you can swap photos with one another simply by dragging files from one screen to the next. To help keep tabs on who owns what, each person’s content is highlighted in a different color.

In addition, the team imagines using the Pico Projector phone concept (PDF) to synchronize calendars and collaborate on documents using various editing tools.

As you can see from the video below, the prototype looks quite bulky and cumbersome, and I can only h… [Read more]

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