Asimo does bottles, lovey-dovey hand gestures

Is Asimo saying "I love you," as Honda suggests, or giving a shout-out to Black Sabbath?


Honda’s humanoid robot Asimo can now run faster, hop around, autonomously avoid people, and communicate in sign language with its new hands.

In the first major update to the droid in four years, Asimo has improved AI skills, being able to operate continuously without human control, and also has better locomotion, and a remarkable 57 axes of movement.

It’s another step in the multimillion dollar, decades-old effort to make Asimo, first unveiled 12 years ago, useful. It also follows criticism of Japan’s robotics community for a limp response to the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

“The all-new Asimo is now advanced from an ‘automatic machine’ to an ‘autonomous machine’ with the decision-making capability to determine its behavior in concert with its surroundings such as movements of people,” Honda said.

Honda president Takanobu Ito showed off the upgraded droid at Honda R&D’s Fundamental Technology Research Center in Wako, Saitama Prefecture near Tokyo.

Salesman: Honda's rare pic of two Asimos comes with the caption, "Asimo interrupts its presentation to the custo… [Read more]

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