T-Mobile seeing double with LG Doubleplay

LG Doubleplay


T-Mobile made it official today and introduced the LG Doubleplay, a unique Android Gingerbread smartphone with dual touch screens.

The Doubleplay features a slider design with a main 3.5-inch touch screen on front and a secondary 2-inch touch screen located in the middle of the split QWERTY keyboard. T-Mobile and LG say that the displays can work in tandem and independently of each other and will allow for better multitasking.

The LG Doubleplay isn’t the first smartphone to have two touch screens. In April, Sprint debuted the Kyocera Echo, which had two 3.5-inch displays.

The companies are being a little shy with the rest of the specifics, but the Doubleplay will have a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video capture, Swype, group text, and cloud text.

T-Mobile did not announce pricing or availability date at this time, but it’s rumored that the Doubleplay will go for around $150 and will arrive November 2.

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