BlackBerry Messenger vs. Apple’s iMessage

One of iOS 5’s most anticipated features is iMessage, an Apple instant-messaging service that can be used only among iOS devices. This is essentially Apple’s answer to BlackBerry Messenger, RIM’s own internal messaging system. The idea behind both messaging services is that they don’t cost anything extra and won’t deduct from your text messaging plan.

The catch, of course, is that both exist only in either the iOS or the BlackBerry ecosystem. Here, we take the opportunity to compare both messaging services.

BlackBerry Messenger has a dedicated app and is much denser with features and settings.


BlackBerry Messenger
If there’s one thing that BBM has over iMessage is that it has incredible depth. It’s simply dense with features, and has its own separate application that’s usually preinstalled on the BlackBerry. It’s very much like other instant-messaging services where you can add contacts and create groups. Indeed, sending out a broadcast message to a group via BBM is how the London riots were organized. Group communications isn’t limited to just messages either — you can share photos, lists, calendars, and chats within a BBM group. … [Read more]

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